Snow Clearing Service, LLC is a snow only service provider for residential and commercial property owners. Our commercial property services are detailed and efficient with communication and awareness at the foundation of our service agreements. For residential properties we use snow blowers as the primary snow removal tool. Snow blowers retain the beauty and appeal of a fresh snowfall.
  • What is your process for residential services?

    1) Notify customers of snow, 2) prepare equipment, 3) remove driveway and walkway snow, and 4) apply Ice-melt.
  • How do I get a fast response?

    The fastest way for you to receive a response is to use our web-based support software www.snowclearmn.freshdesk.com.
  • Isn’t a truck safer for my driveway than a tractor?

    No. Tractor tires exert fewer pounds per square inch on your driveway surface than the common plow truck or even most passenger vehicles.
  • Why do you offer only one starting accumulation?

    To promote efficiency, service varies by snow accumulation according to zip code. All customers we serve in one zip code have the same starting accumulation requirements.
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Service Update

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